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Brand Story

The founder Mr. Chan Shek Ming was born in the 1930s, dedicated his life in learning the craft of Traditional Chinese Noodles Production.

At that time, it was not easy to produce hand-made Rice Noodles and Shirmp Noodles. However, Mr. Chan Shek Ming believed in "Success only comes by persevering despite failure" and insisted to produce the noodles manually with the cumbersome procedure.

With the combatant spirit and years of trying, Mr. Chan Shek Ming finally the Ming Kee Noodle Factory, and it was renamed as Chan Ming Kee Noodles Factory in 1940.

Until now, the third generation of Mr. Chan Shek Ming still insist on using the ancient way of rice milling for noodles production.

All noodles and snacks are made with the finest ingredients and with the belief of Mr. Chan Shek Ming:

1.) Preserve traditional craftmanship and insist on manually production.

2.) Only use the finest ingredients and assure the quality of every noodle

3.) All food are freshly made and guaranteed to create customers' confidence